Chef Ryan at it again

Updated Monday May 15, 2017 by Poco Mens Baseball.

The 2017 Cardinals finally got a full game in at their home park Larry Walker Saturday. They faced the rookie franchise Pirates. Through a cpl of strong pitching performances and some timely hitting they would go on to claim their second victory of the season in a pretty one sided affair. When asking the local scouts post game they all said the difference in the game was the elite (pisspoor)  baserunning decisions made by 2nd baseman Drew Brisbin when he scored on a passed ball from second base..............LUCKILY.  The game was quickly overshadowed by a post game bbq of epic proportions. First there was the Ahi Tuna salad, followed by a little taste of heaven for everyone (wagu beef). Next up was the braised short rib sangys with truffle aoili and smoked bone marrow. The meal could have stopped there but no, chef ryan had other plans and broke out a huge tray of jerk chcken which was to die for. With everyone doubled over and super full chef Ryan had one last trick up his sleeve. 8 AAA beef steaks cooked to perfection and individually sliced. Needless to say by this time the Pirates were feeling pretty down about the loss and the cpl boxes of pizza they had in the parking lot. Overall a great day filled with some good food, good friends, and good times. This one will be a tough day to top but Chef Ryan never ceases to amaze !!!!!

The Cards are back at it again in a cpl weeks time. Tickets are available at the box office at Larry Walker Field. 

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Chris Cameron commented on May 17, 10:46pm
"Nothing like scrounging 7 hibachi's and simultaneously managing a 5 course meal eh!"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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